Annual Report

Key figures from operations in the year 2017


Profit 3.789 m.ISK
Return on Investment Properties (average) 5,10%
Profit before Assessment Change and Depreciations 4.531 m.ISK
Operating Revenues 7.124 m.ISK
Leasing Revenues 6.607 m.ISK
Average Contract Length, with reference to present leasing contracts 7 ár
Interest Bearing Debts 57.515 m.ISK
Cash from Operations 2.234 m.ISK
Net Cash at end of the year  1.341 m.ISK
Equity Ratio 34,80%
Investment properties assessed at market value 97.255 m.ISK
Employees at the end of the year 28
Shareholders at the end of the year 650


Revenues growth

Cost Development

Operational Costs - percentage of Leasing Revenues

Operations and Leasing

In recent years, the company has grown rapidly and acquired large portfolios that have required restructuring.  Reginn has managed to utilize a strong economic cycle to restructure new portfolios as well as to renew many of the company's original lease contracts that have been up for renewal.  In 2017, lease contracts were concluded for nearly 38 thousand square metres.  Two thirds of those contracts were new lease contracts others were renewal of older contracts.  In the coming years, it can be assumed that some equilibrium will be achieved in leasing.  Namely that a fairly even rate of contracts will be renewed.  The weighted average length of the leasing contracts of Reginn is now about 7 and a half years.

Leasing Contracts - Area